You May Be Asleep, But Know This: Light Will Always…

Dear Love,

What wants to happen now will find you, animate you and guide you even while you are asleep.

All that needs to be done is what wants to be done. Nothing more, nothing less.

I was asleep then something woke me up. I immediately noticed the Light outside of my window.

A clear inspiration followed as an invitation to go outside and witness the immense Beauty that was unfolding.

I felt strongly that I was to experience this Beauty and share the experience with all and time was now.

It was simple. It was choice-less. It was what wanted to be done.

The glory was not in the details of what wanted to be done, but in its precision and profound simplicity.

It found me even when I was asleep.

I posted a single photo of this Beauty via FB and noticed that so many people from all over the world was touched by it.

I am inspired to share the video version along with the message the comes to Heart:

“You may be asleep, but know this…

Light will always gently wake you up and guide you to what wants to be done.

Just keep noticing, show up fully for Life and follow the Sparkle.

Inspired action comes from the Heart.

What comes from the Heart touches the Heart of All. It is simple.




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