In This Moment…Somewhere In The World: Love Lived ∞

In this moment…somewhere in the world…Love Lived ∞

In This Moment…Somewhere In The World…Love Lived ∞


In this moment…Somewhere in the World…

Someone saw their first born child for the first time.

An artist mixed just the right amount of yellow with blue for the perfect shade of green.

A grandmother hugged her grandchildren who had just arrived after school.

A flower in the Himalayas bloomed for the very first time. Another flower died.

A business owner felt despair and did not know what to do next so called a friend.

A friend picked up a call.

An angry man smashed the window in his living room. Now he is tending to his bleeding hand and crying his pain over shards of broken glass on the floor.

A doorbell rang somewhere.

A star just became supernova.

A speckle of dust gently landed on the wet nose of a tiny newborn puppy.

A newborn puppy met dust for the first time.

A man ran his first marathon.

A country elected their first president for the first time.

A new world began somewhere. An old world died.

An old world died. A new world began…

A spider showed up in the trunk of a car.

A terminally ill patient just found out that he was cured.

A child died.

A blessing was shared at a dinner table.

A homeless person died of cold and hunger.

A young attorney just won their first case and is now celebrating with her friends.

A father cried for the first time in his life…and felt that he could breathe again…

A runway model just broke a heel during a fashion show. Another runway model just received high praises.

Love observed.

Love endured.

Love nurtured.

Love healed.

Love…lived…in this moment ∞

A wall came down…a new one built…

Eyes met eyes in Love…for the first time…somewhere in the world….


Aloha ~*~



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