Treasures Of Life Find Us…When We Are Not Looking For Them ~

Aloha Love,

Have you noticed that the most beautiful treasures find us when we are not looking for them?

Here are some of my morning treasures that I am inspired to share…

Someone hands me a sea-shell as I walk past them and shares a blessing from the Heart. Love touches my Heart. I now notice the smiling face of a lady on the side of the shell as I am attempting to photograph it for this post.

Smiling Lady of the Sea

Smiling Lady of the Sea

Singing with the Ocean is an involuntary experience for me. The Song of the Moment comes out and joins the Song of the Ocean during my walks or as I sit by the Ocean…Then these shells that are larger than the palm of my hand show up while I am not looking for them on the beach and simply enjoying the rapture of being sung.

Gifts from the Ocean

Gifts from the Ocean



Gifts from the Ocean

Gifts from the Ocean

My neighbors, a young couple, rush over to the corner of the street and present a homeless lady with a snack pack  that has been clearly prepared just for her with Love. One says to the other “God bless you”…The other responds “Thank you. God bless you, too.” Their eyes and then their whole bodies light up in the process of giving and receiving… Seeing and Being Seen…

The wind carries over a whisper from an ongoing conversation of a couple of cyclists whizzing by my street. One says to the other “What I enjoy most is watching my kids…and seeing others enjoy them, too!” The sweetness of a father’s joy fills the air and lends a soft kiss on my cheek as I open the door and enter home.

May the day bring you the most beautiful treasures today and everyday!

Aloha ~




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