About Creation and Destruction…

“Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.” Pablo Picasso

Aloha Love,

This post is inspired by a response to an earlier Heart to Heart sharing:

“Hope, Faith, Trust” ~ This Moment

Sometimes, the conscious mind grieves when it is losing the familiar. The conscious mind fears the unknown. The conscious mind resents the change. The conscious mind resists it. The conscious mind has its own preferences as to how change should come about. The conscious mind externalizes the pain by blaming others. The conscious mind tries to ignore it. The conscious mind tries to stop it. The conscious mind tries to forget it. Change wrecks a havoc in the ways of the conscious mind as it begins to realize its helplessness before the forces of nature taking their course.

My Tai Chi teacher and dear friend used to say “Resistance is futile!” and laugh…His laugh rested in the eternal peace of surrender accompanied by a twinkle in his eyes.

Evolution is a choiceless doing…

Change is the imprint of Life living. Even in death, the body continues to go through change as it gently dissolves into the No-thing-ness from where it came into Being.

Just notice…

As these words are landing on the white page on my laptop, I am sitting down at a cafe in Melrose, Los Angeles which is facing this sign.

Message received! Thank you!



About Creation and Destruction


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