“I Am Here” & About Miracles and Sparkles

Aloha Love,

Everyday, I start the day by saying

“Good Morning!”

“I am here!”

“I am grateful!”

“I wonder what miracles will happen today!”

…I repeat each sentence until words drop into sound and I feel just the resonance. It is almost like the sound comes out of a vacuum…this vast space…and begins to extend infinitely in all directions.

This practice helps me notice the miracles which come in all forms and ways throughout the day.

4th of July miracle was a kind invitation to a lovely gathering at a friend’s house by the ocean where I had front row seats to heart to heart sharing with people who are living their passion from gourmet cooking to world class entertainment, from flying to supporting family and friends…loving, sharing, caring and experiencing life! The wealth and depth of each person was humbling to witness…What an honor to share with such an inspired bunch!

Some quotes from the evening:

Creativity is vulnerability. When you put yourself out there, you are open to receiving it all…the good and the bad. Just notice…”

“Emptiness. It all comes from emptiness.”

“It is scary, but you do it any way. It is not so much about courage…It is about trust. Face the fear and do it any way!

“Everyday is different. That is what I love about it. It is always different.”

and my favorite quote of the evening:

“When you love what you do, it is no longer work. Well, it might be work, but you dig it!”

…oh and we also had front row seats to the fireworks! Enjoy the view and Sparkles!



Do What You Love!

Do What You Love!





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