Blue Moon Teachings: Sound and Movement

© Cansu Bulgu

© Cansu Bulgu

When we stop liking what we hear, it is simply sound signaling a time for change.
Change is inevitable.

When we begin liking what we hear, it is simply sound signaling we are in the creative flow and all is possible.

Both are dynamic states of “Being”… Neither one is better or worse than the other. They are just as they are – expressions of “Being-ness”.

Whether it is qualified by the observer as mental chatter or an inspired phone conversation, Sound entering into our awareness is simply a Messenger of Light: providing input and calling for a response so that the movement may continue ~

What sound are you hearing in this moment?


The only constant in the photo are the light sources that assume the shape of starbursts while all the rest of the city gently melts in timeless movement. Musing over what is being communicated with this gift…What is being communicated to you? 🙂

Aloha ~

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3 responses

    • Aloha Chia! Thank you for saying hello! I am hearing the sounds of a living city, the promise of a new beginning and all of my being smiling and saying “Yes! And Thank you!” in this moment.

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