Sparkles’ Global Take Off…

Aloha Love,

It all started with the first picture,  “Cansu Airborne” shot that was taken at 11pm the other night at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Sparkling Through 1

I then heard my name announced via the speakers. I approached the counter with wonder…

Edward, one of the members of the lovely airline crew said “Ma’am, we have received complaints about someone jumping in the air with a magic wand in their hand…” (Yep! You guessed it!). Next thing I know, I am being asked to have a photo taken in front of the “You above all” sign…

Sparkling Through 2

Sparkling Through 3

…Followed by an invitation to the cockpit where I get to sit and pretend pilot with the wand…
Sparkling Through 4

…And a lovely photo with our fun loving pilot Kelly and co-pilot (whose name is escaping me now…so please tell me when you see the post 🙂

Sparkling Through 5

Smiling and laughing into the midnight ~

I guess we all appreciate a little magic and sparkles in our lives 😉

Sparkling Through 6




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