Bee Wisdom: Pre-destined or Manifested?

© Cansu Bulgu, Bee Wisdom: Pre-Destined or Manifested?

© Cansu Bulgu, Bee Wisdom: Pre-Destined or Manifested?

Aloha Love,

The other day I was walking on the beach after meeting with a client. I came across a bee that was mostly wet struggling along the sand dunes (what must have felt like to the bee, I imagine). I noticed that it was a matter of moments before the little bee got swept away by the waves that were passionately caressing the shore. I was inspired to be the bee’s transport mechanism to a dryer safer place.

I bent down and offered my hand. The bee gently climbed over and we began our journey together in the sun. As I walked, I watched the bee dry off with the help of the summer breeze and diligently clean up from head to toe (or whatever may be equivalent for a bee!) I felt so much love for this bee and I felt that the bee was somehow returning the love.

I crossed over the bike path to a place where there were plenty of plants and flowers – “a perfect happy safe place for a bee!” I thought. When I looked closely where I initially intended to drop off my little fuzzy buzzy friend, I noticed a town of spiders nicely webbed all around and inside the plants. “Oh no!” I thought… “I would not want you to be eaten up by a spider now that we have saved you from being swept away by the ocean!”

Taking on the mission to save the bee, I determinedly searched for the perfect spot…And there it was! A happy pink flower soaking in the sun and no spider webs to be found!

As I gently lowered my hand to place the bee in his new happy safe home on the pretty little pink flower, out of nowhere came out a gecko and swallowed it at once!
On the same day that I experienced this exchange, a dear friend mentioned a young girl in the news who died moments after being saved from drowning when a shark came out of the water and attacked her.
Did the bee manifest a gecko or was it pre-destined that they met? Is there a difference?

Aloha ~

Amendment 10/15/2013:

Well, the same thing just happened. I noticed a fly by my kitchen window and thought to myself that if it were a bee, I would normally gently pick him up and transport it outside. I said to myself “the life of a fly is no more or less precious than that of a bee” and just as I got ready to save the fly from imprisonment and free it, the desperate buzzing got louder and louder as I approached the kitchen window. I immediately noticed signs of futile struggle and to my humbled amazement, the black body of a beautiful spider who just caught his lunch!

Amendment 12/01/2013:

I started walking on the beach following the inspiration without a destination in mind. With each step, new sounds and forms began to enter my awareness. As I walked along the ever-changing sunlit line where the Ocean kissed the sand, I noticed a wet bee which was still alive a foot to the left of my left foot. I recalled this very post and something smiled me. I bowed internally and continued the walk. A few steps later, another bee showed up…only this time, the bee was dead. Lying on the beach with all feet raised high up into the sky. I kept on walking…


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  1. This story kept me on the edge of my seat… was the bee gonna make it.. was the bee gonna be a bee and sting thee… but the Gecko.. oh the Gecko.. enter the Gecko…. wow the Gecko… unexpected but right, sad but not. The Gecko gotta eat too… and all the sentient beings said ‘amen’ to the circle of life. So what can we really see from this… feel from this. Unlike the Scorpion who stung that Frog who gave him a ride, because that’s what scorpions do… (see Aesop)…. this bee… your Bee… you freed a Bee from the clutches of the sea… and there was no animosity. He rode your hand like a royalty carried in a ‘sedan’ chair (yes i had to look that up)… he rode and he waived to all the other Bees… look at me… look at me…. said the Bee. You gave him the ride of his little bee life… and like the immortal words of Jim Morrison…. “… gonna get my kicks before the whole $h!# house goes up in flames…”. and he did and it did…. oh the Gecko…. wow.. the Gecko, but oh what a ride…. ~ B.L.

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