Light Teachings: We Dissolve & Life Flows

Hello Love,

Please allow me to take you through an awareness to response experience I just completed today…The sharing involves many seemingly mundane things such as car insurance and a view that may offer additional depth…There are some questions and inspirations by the Universe that may resonate and delight. Enjoy!

This morning, I woke up with the thought to check my car insurance card to make sure that my insurance was valid until the end of the month. I was comforted to confirm that I still had a few weeks before I would need to switch to my new insurance company. Leaving the thought behind, I moved on with my day. As I was running errands, I began to notice the sign of a particular insurance company everywhere I went. It was as if every other company, building or sign were falling into the background and the particular insurance company’s offices were emerging to the foreground. With the entry of each sign into my awareness, I noticed the thought rising up that said to call that company when I was ready to switch.

This happened several times throughout the morning as I made various stops. I began to feel a pull and for a moment I entertained the thought of perhaps stopping by one of the offices and inquiring about some options…The closest analogy I can think of is a feeling similar to what animals said to feel instinctively prior to a natural disaster taking place and move inland or to a higher ground. Perhaps “the pull” I felt wasn’t as dramatic. It was subtle, yet fairly potent.

At that very point when I felt “the pull”, the mind conveniently intercepted and interpreted the message in the way it made sense to it: “less important and therefore should be dealt with later”. It also assigned it a meaning that it found reasonable which was: “This is the insurance company to contact when you are ready to switch at the end of this month. End of story.”

The mind’s processing included: interpreting, assigning a meaning, assigning a value and storing away, and it happened in the blink of an eye (or faster!) My awareness of the insurance company quickly faded into the background and I moved on to the next task on the mind’s famous to-do list for the day.

Many hours passed and I went to check my mail after a walk by the beach. To my surprise, I found a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Guess what it said?… “My vehicle registration was suspended due to lack of insurance coverage.”

The question of how this error occurred in the system is irrelevant. It is clearly something that we hope to correct with ease.

The real questions are:

How did I know to wake up with the thought about car insurance in the morning?

Why did the insurance company enter my awareness all day?

What would have happened had I stopped by one of their offices following the pull rather than enjoying the convenience of my efficient mind interpreting the pull for me?

What really happened between the first thought of the day and the last response as I share this experience through writing?

Naturally, we may be open to the idea that it does not have to take an Earthquake to know that the Universe is always in communication and our sensors are always taking in the light through which it communicates.

Here is the Truth that I feel it in my heart as I reflect on this journey:

“Everything that enters our awareness is here to tell us something. In order to hear what it is, we must listen innocently – without the interpretation of the mind. To assist with this process, we may invite genuine curiosity about everything that enters our awareness. With this genuine curiosity, each piece of information, each meeting, each interaction become a portal into something that is much bigger than what our mind is built to process. With such awareness, we enter a place where “we” dissolve and Life flows.” Namaste ~


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