Paradox: Duality is One

© Cansu Bulgu "Light and Dark are One"

© Cansu Bulgu “Light and Dark are One”

Aloha Love,

Musing continues…Enjoy ~

Light and dark are One.
Not all bright is light.
Light reveals dark.

When we intimately know our shadow, we are closer to realizing Oneness.
The journey requires facing everything now, avoiding nothing and getting to know our shadow.
It is only then we meet and integrate our shadow, we realize we are all that is.
We realize that we are capable of all that is, and we have compassion for all.

Having compassion for all is seeing through the eyes of Love.
In the eyes of Love, there are no shadows.
Awareness casts no shadows.
Love casts no shadows.

What separates the tree from its shadow, or the sun that reveals it, or the eye that sees it?

Aloha ~



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