Manifesting is Receiving in Gratitude: Ducks, Cell Phones and Other Cosmic Things

Aloha There!

Manifesting is Receiving in Gratitude…I would like to share an example that is quite joyful and humorous…

A few weeks ago, my cell phone disappeared. It was as if a wormhole opened and sucked it right out of this world into a parallel Universe. My response was Gratitude. I was grateful to let go of it. Somehow, I felt that my body wanted to be away from its resonance and so it went away just like that “Pooof!”. I kept in contact via Skype, Email and Facebook. All along, I had a feeling that I would somehow receive a phone just when I needed it. You can guess the rest of the story.

…Hear me out, as you may find some sparkles that tickle  your heart. And once a heart is tickled who knows what it may receive in gratitude!! 😉

You may have heard the awakening taking place in Turkey. The events happened to have started and have been escalating particularly around the neighborhood where I spent my childhood. As  I understand, several cities now have joined in the awakening. Having been monitoring the situation via social media and skype, I was beginning to feel that it was time for my phone to come. Just to be fair to the Universe, I did receive a smart phone to use a couple of weeks ago via a lovely friend, yet something inside knew that was not the one. I was waiting for “The One!”

I had an intuitive feeling to stop by the carrier’s store earlier today and see if they had anyone who wanted to sell their old phone. They advised me that they receive old phones as trade ins when people were upgrading their phones. In that moment, a spark of inspiration inside of me rose up and the words naturally flew out of my mouth… “So, if a person comes through this door right now and would like to sell their phone, I can offer them money and purchase it before they trade in?” The store manager responded kindly: “I guess…Absolutely!”

I will have to share with you that almost everyone in the store witnessed this conversation. It might have been because I was there for a bit discussing data plans, making jokes and being friendly, several representatives were gathering around and beginning to witness this very conversation as they addressed their customers’ needs.

It was no longer than three seconds after I repeated the same sentence “So if someone were to walk into this store right now with a phone…” that Heidi showed up with…you guessed it!! My new phone 😉 Everyone in the store was so touched by this experience that smiles blossomed across their entire bodies! A combination of awe, inspiration, gratitude permeated our being and everyone joined in the celebration of the arrival of my new phone (or…perhaps for what they saw as a possibility for their experience…hmmmm 🙂

This lovely lady was simply there to get her new phone that she had already purchased activated. Had I been a bit more neutral and allowed the fullness of the experience in, I would have most likely gotten the phone for even less as she was simply going to give it away! (Let us remember that one for next time!)

I offered her a little over than what the store offered for a trade in. She said “Great! This will go towards to pay for my parking ticket!” How perfect is this Universe!! Boom! Just like that! Later on when I went and came back from the bank with her money, she told me she was considering purchasing a boombox for her phone instead…Oooohh the choices we are gifted in each moment! 🙂

And then…There were these two ducks...a male and a female duck sitting outside of the store as this transaction was taking place. They seem to have come from out of nowhere and hung out until the transaction was complete…This happened in the middle of the city in Manhattan Beach, CA…Pelicans, seagulls, pigeons…all of which would have been what one might expect to see around that particular neighborhood.

Aaaaaaaaahhh!! But, the Universe ALWAYS delivers MORE ELEGANTLY than what is expected 😉 Thankfully so!

Here are the photos that were taking via a mobile device as this experience was unfolding earlier. Click on the images to view them in full size and join in the celebration!

Imagine what miracles you may be receiving right now…I am grateful for you!




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