Downloads: Everything is Everything

Aloha Dearest…This morning’s meditation walk by the ocean gifted many downloads.
Please allow me to share musings with the Universe with an open heart… Everything is everything ~

© Cansu Bulgu

“Everything is Everything”  © Cansu Bulgu

*First Download*

  • We are guests on this Earth.
  • Nature contains knowledge – sacred knowledge that inspires, heals, connects and elevates us.
  • Removing nature in any form is erasing knowledge from the collective consciousness.
  • How will we remember? What will inspire us? What will the future generations remember if nature’s knowledge is replaced with plastic and concrete…? (Feel the answer by simply imagining…)

This first download was inspired by the events taking place in Istanbul, Turkey. One of nature’s gifts, a beautiful park in the middle of the city that continues to offer a place of refuge and rejuvenation beneath the towering high-rises, is being taken down one tree at a time to build (….). Feel free to fill in the blanks as the detail of what structure will replace it is irrelevant. The issue is bigger…and it extends beyond the borders of any country..It is about us…all… as in the greater good…ALL*

*Second Download* 

Practicing hygiene can extend beyond washing our hands frequently. Everything is everything…By observing everything around us with an open heart, we gain instant access to a mysterious place where our experiencing of life shifts instantly. For example, as we walk on a beach, we may notice a piece of trash. We have a choice…we may ignore it, pretend that it is not there, make an excuse not to pick it up (i.e. it is not my job, the city is supposed to clean this place, etc), bury it further in sand, pick it up in disgust and throw it away while condoning whomever left it


Pick it up as a part of a walking meditation with awareness and gratitude where each piece of trash represents a thought, emotion that has been in our subconscious or something we have been struggling with. We transfer the essence of the issue to the piece of trash and clean up in our internal space while cleaning up our external space. Here is a hintas we become aware of our thoughts that rise up during this exercise, we will notice that areas that need most attention will create a parallel experience of more trash on the beach externally…Every piece counts. No matter how small…Pick it up! Clear the space ~

*Third Download*

a song…”If I love you, will you love me back?” “Don’t ask me that”

…then a clear inspiration….”Love is my employer. To Love is my only job”.

*Fourth Download*

Noticing the lines in the Ocean..It is incredible how lines gain momentum as they are pulled together and are getting ready merge. Swiiiishhh Swiiiiiisssshhh then Pooooofff! And then relax… Everything is everything. Where else can we see this movement in our lives? What is happening now that is calling for our attention?

(Then dolphins come to say hello as I get ready to walk back. We greet in Joy!)

*Fifth Download*

There are various levels of awareness…Let’s say A, B, C, D……N to the Nth power (or Infinity times infinity as I would say in Elementary school 🙂 Life the spiral of life…we jump from one ring to the other… (When an electron jumps from one orbit to another, a photon (light package) is emitted. We call it “Quantum Leap“). When we are experiencing A, we may not see B as a possibility. When we are experiencing D, we know A through C are possible and begin to wonder if E exists…When we experience E, we believe that “……N to the Nth power” is true and our journey from A to E is plenty enough proof!

*Sixth Download*

Imagine a man on the beach dressed up in treasure hunting gear with a metal detector, a metal scooper and yellow headphones. So busy and invested in capturing someone else’s loss as his own treasure, misses the pod of dolphins just swam by. Look up! Not all treasures are buried waiting to be found! Treasures are all around us!

*Seventh Download*

  • Not every sea shell is the same.
  • Scan body’s responses when life presents a sea shell. Then choose whether it is something to bring into the space.

We may look at a shell and a thought may pop in our mind. It may remind us of something that we choose not to associate with. Do we avoid all shells?… After having had a telepathic conversation over several sea shells that looked similar, The Universe gifted me this…Now, that one definitely wanted to come home!

"Gift" © Cansu Bulgu

“Gift” © Cansu Bulgu

*Eight Download*

(This one just came…) If we stay in our Heart, we are always Home ~

Namaste ~


P.S. I was fully inspired to write this post before I uploaded the Neo Card of the week post on
Stay tuned…It is coming later today!


4 responses

  1. endolphins… you had me at endolphins…(used in a prior post, but your dolphin reference here hearkens back and reinspires). CB – your post is such good song. It whispers in the wind just loud enough to be heard above the ocean spray but soft enough that the intermittent gulls cry muffles it only ever so gently. And continuing your 3rd download… … “Love is a spiral up. Love is a spiral down. Love is a beggar’s cup. Love is a king’s crown… a dolphin’s smile… a great white’s frown. Love is everything and everything is Love…… (now that last bit felt a bit stolen from the beatles.. oh well put it to a different tune and its yours….). muse me later.. but muse me some more…

    • 🙂 I am happy to hear that the post inspired you, William. Thank you for sharing your inspiration and comments. Stay tuned for more musing, yes! We download from the Infinite Source 😉 Feel free to follow the post if you would like an email hello as well. Endolphins & Many Blessings ~

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