Artexpo NY Reflections: There is no end to Opening

“Aren’t you worried?” The elderly woman asked, standing behind me in line at the security check point… “You have two laptops you are putting through…”

It was a stark question at 6am in the morning. I was heading to Los Angeles after incredible ten days in New York City where I had participated in Artexpo NY, one of the world’s largest fine art shows.

I answered “No, I am not worried. Laptops are simply tools…And I removed the word “worry” from my vocabulary a while back.”

Good for you!” The lady exclaimed, she might have been in her mid seventies… “I wish I could do that. I worry about every-thing!…How did you do it?

I realized that all is one in my experience. Since there is no separation, there is no conflict. Since there is no opposition, there is no threat.”

As the words poured out of my mouth with clarity and non-attachment, I felt a great sense of why I was in New York and the path unfolding before me.

I began to sense that everyone at the security check point was witnessing the opening…My eyes briefly met the gentle smile of a mother of a new born baby standing behind us. She was nodding with the confidence and peacefulness that only one’s inner knowing can offer…I accepted the gift.

That is so very true and wise!” The elderly lady exclaimed. “I thought it would come with age, but it didn’t.”

“Age gives us opportunities to make more choices. Simply by the accumulation of experiences and practices over time, our choices manifests in the wisdom we live. It is always our choice…” The words continued to pour out of me as I witnessed myself having the conversation and also conversing at the same time.

“I notice the patterns though…I can see them now.” The lady was referring to her thought patterns that were creating her reality.

“That is wonderful! That is how we become aware and awaken.” In that moment, the elderly lady and I became one, we met in a bubble of insight, of our choosing that was being witnessed by all (and all there is beyond who was present at the airport at that time). Once we packed up our bags, we humbly looked at each other in the eye and we both bowed before each other in loving kindness… “Namaste…The inner light in me, greets the inner light in you.”

Artexpo NY offered so much more than meeting wonderful people, networking and selling art. It was, just as any situation – any thing – anyone can be when viewed with openness, a pure playground. It was an amazing container to learn, to see and to open into more Love.

The series that I presented at the show was titled Rising Awareness Series…Each piece was a powerful reflection of our true Nature, the Essence and potently named after the intention they served: Being, Transformation, Divine Calling, Dream Making, Yin Rising, Kundalini Rising, Rise Above and Music to My Ears….

Intention spoken in words is as powerful as it gets…So guess what happened?
You guessed it! 😉

The lessons, as summarized by the very last moments of my trip at La Guardia International Airport, were simply these:

A person who takes pride in their success may believe they are the center of the world and the world revolves around them. Their reality may consist of them and the other.

A person who experiences pain and is attached to the experience may believe that they are the center of the world and the world revolves around them. Their reality may consist of them and the other.

A person who lives and embodies Love, sees no center or border. They simply beam. There is no them or the other. There is only oneness experienced in infinite ways!

Which do you choose to be?

Stay tuned for the upcoming series titled “Rose Diaries”, a perfect metaphor of the journey of opening….An intimate inter-view with the Rose. I am inspired!

Namaste ~



"Rose Diaries", An intimate inter-view of the Rose by Cansu Bulgu. Coming Soon ~

“Rose Diaries”, An intimate inter-view of the Rose by Cansu Bulgu. Coming Soon ~


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