Life Lives: Communication Exchanged

Aloha Lovers!

The Universe, Life, speaks to us in many forms all the time…Some of us remember this Truth and live in the Stillness that comes with the knowing. This ongoing sacred communication may be a song, a feeling, a billboard, a friend’s smile… It all weaves into many “u-huh” moments for us as we (hopefully) gently navigate the waters of our lives…Depending on how much elaboration we enjoy, The Universe gets infinitely creative with the forms of communication. My sacred communication came today in the form of dolphins, rainbows, freeway billboards, a very angry person in much pain, a loving budding teammate and laughter…Here is how…

The day starts with an incredibly humbling display of Oneness and gratitude. The first show is presented by two dolphins who appeared only seven feet away from where I am standing on the beach before I start my daily Stillness-Oneness practice. They hover on the surface of water for a while (significantly longer for animals with fins rather than with wings) as if to greet me kindly and then with awe-inspiring agility and playfulness catch a seven-foot wave and swim through it at a blazingly fast speed. Master surfers! What a sight!!! It is a feeling I remember from when a humming bird put his beak in my hand that was stretched out into a punch for a Tai Chi pose, after having danced on my head for a good 30 seconds that is! Just imagine the feeling of Oneness…Aaaaahhh…

The second gift is a rainbow which appears in my green smoothie. Yes, a rainbow…and yes, in my homemade green smoothie!!! (disclaimer: the second one I made in my life…so far 🙂 It is as if the plant kingdom decides to parade their incredible light into one powerful ancient symbol of healing for me to enjoy along with the nourishment. And of course to share with the Team online which keeps smiles spreading all over the web through whoever comes upon it. So far, great, yes? Yes!

At this point, I am off to an appointment while vibrating high on my en-dolphins and in en-greenment 🙂

Before I start driving, I intuitively ask to get clarity on how I may be of service…I see a billboard that says “Smile Big” (probably an ad for a dentist), then something that says “We Service All” (probably an ad for a car mechanic)… I chuckle because I know exactly what that is for…In the last few days, I have been feeling into whether to participate in the world’s largest art expo in New York in March. Many suggest that the artist pick a single line of work and presents just that…Each time I tune into the Universe trying to make myself choose one style I have been co-creating with it, I feel a strong weight in my stomach. Rather than every cell in my body scream in joy “Yes!” I hear that the purpose of the art and photography is to show Oneness and Interconnectedness in the Universe…Choosing one, right now, feels like taking a single chemo type out of a plant (such as menthol out of eucalyptus) and forcing it into a single drug…While the drug may be effective for that use, it is no comparison to receiving the plant medicine holistically…In short, something feels off so I choose to keep tuning in deeper rather than moving an inch further in the registration process. If it is inspired, jump…If it isn’t, drop it. The inspired action will reveal itself…Simple.

My focus shifts as I pull up to the place where I have my appointment. I need to passport size photos. I trust that there will be a place where I can get them nearby and so there is. This is where I wish the Universe sends me a post it note rather than immersing me fully in the highly elaborate experience…Later in the day, I find out why…

The photo place appears chaotic. Papers everywhere. It looks very out of sorts, more importantly, it feels that way , too. I am curious as to why this picture is presented to me (no pun intended), but I need to photos so I choose to go along with it…for now.

The person taking the photo appears out of sorts as well…First thing he tells me is to “stop smiling”….(What???…Remember the billboard that read “Smile BIG”?)

Naturally, I want to smile more as my being finds the statement a bit absurd (For those of you who may not yet have met me…asking me to stop smiling is the same as trying to put a lid on a waterfall…Got it? Good 😉 Smile…just comes out. He tells me not to show teeth with a very tense agitated voice and I close my eyes and drop into stillness (like the dolphins)….I know I am faced with something, all I need to do is to see underneath what is really happening here and only take the gift that is mine, leave what is not….

I open my eyes and kindly obey his instructions. He is still not happy with the outcome. He raises his voice higher, his body language changes while telling me that I have too much expression on my face (I thought he said show no teeth…Wipe that smile off your face, kid! This is a passport photo we are talking about! Get serious!). Then the energy in the room shifts into something darker…I immediately bow away thanking him for his services and kindly tell him that I won’t be needing them any more…I let go off the appointment as my inner compass says “GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!!”….

Have you noticed how our bodies get as we indulge in the anger and feel the need to intimidate another being out of our own fear? It is quite a sight, not even close to the sight of the dolphins surfing through the waves or the rainbow in my smoothie though…

Luckily, I had learned this lesson of removing myself from an unwanted situation when my friend’s very excited and totally untrained pitbulls decided to greet me one day…Now, I know that it is perfectly fine and highly encouraged to bow away and close the door behind me whenever I choose to. So, I am out of there. Thank you, Universe…

When someone gives you a gift that is not yours who does the gift belong to? Knowing that, I clear up the pure energetic exchange and nothing is left clinging…(tip: a very important hygienic step for living awake…!! 🙂 All is clear, check!…Except for the question “Why did I experience this now?”…

As I pull out my mobile device to check in with the Team, I see something about and one of my teammates is on “live tv” in support of this increasingly popular movement which peaks this very Valentine’s day. It is about dancing to stop violence against women (I imagine there will be many smiles…and possibly really BIG ones, too!) U-huh!!! So I got delivered the importance of this message (which extends to all living and non-living things as we define it as far as I am concerned) in a 3-D format prior to me reading about it on Facebook. Hilarious Universe!

Always with Love and Rainbows

Always with Love and Rainbows

I am inspired to write...Would you rather experience and have others experience with your presence fun loving Dolphin and green smoothie rainbow sightings or….
Simple, yes? 😉

Later I meet up with another teammate who is a lawyer in Philippines through what most would call a “chance meeting” and we share about the magic of life, laugh (with many teeth showing and all…and probably my esophagus,too, yes!! 🙂 and play! Oh, and she gives me the confirmation I had asked the Universe earlier in the morning. Communication exchanged, check!

What was your sacred communication today?

All day everyday, Life lives us…May we always choose only Love.

Aloha and Many Blessings to All Our Relations ~


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