Play Dead. Your Ego is Awake.

© Cansu Bulgu

© Cansu Bulgu

“One knows when they are onto something when their lessons are getting more interesting and emotions heightened. They must be expanding in a way that has officially got their ego’s attention.”

Yesterday, I walked on the beach. When my eyes first met the Ocean’s deep blue, my heart opened. If I were to use one word to express the magnitude of Love I felt, it would be the word Bliss. I felt the flood of love and complete peace at once. Ocean and I met in gratitude. We were more than a witness. In that moment, we were One.

With that monk like state of mind I continued to walk on the golden sand caressed by the morning sun. There was nothing on my mind. Absolutely, nothing. Just pure awareness.

I then came across a sand dollar in the sand. It was washed away to the shore as if it were a gift from the Ocean, from our merging a minute ago. “How blessed!” I thought and moved on again in a monk like state of mind…

A few more steps and I came across another sand dollar. Wow! What are the odds?
And that is exactly when my mind kicked in!

The repetition of an appearance of a sand dollar was enough to kick start my mind. There was a pattern which had to be solved! It had to be understood, labeled, categorized! It must have had a meaning! And on and on it went…

Until I caught myself “thinking” and no longer “being”. I was no longer merging with the deep blue, nor was I aware that the ocean was right in front of my nose. Instead, I was “searching”…searching for more….and more….and more!

The ego wakes up with insatiable hunger – every time! It is never enough. How many sand dollars does one need? I mean, really?? ;D

The good news is that the moment when we bring awareness to it, it holds no power. Presence is what disarms the illusion – instantly!

The moment I became aware of the fact that I was thinking and searching, I surrendered back into the present moment, into the deep blue of the ocean. I was One.

A few more steps later, there was the most beautiful pink seashell…waiting ;D

Aloha ~


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