Sparkle Wisdom: Truth Will Set You Free

Sparkle Wisdom: Truth Will Set You Free-1


This statement is simple…When we feel stuck, it is because something needs acknowledgement. Whether it is our fear, worry, pain, sadness, whatever it may be, all it wants is for us to know that it is there and is trying to tell us something. That is the Truth. We allow ourselves to feel the feeling and have the thought. Once acknowledged, the energy moves. We bring awareness to the moment. We en-lighten! Space is created. We are free!

Another way to look at this statement is that nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists…There is such a sense of liberation born in the mere realization that we are all connected to this big cosmic soup of Sparkles! Now, allow your inner guide to help you remember what this means ~*~ Aloha, Xo


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