Seagull Wisdom: Path of Light and Good Company

Aloha There!

Today, I found out that Seagulls are as wise as Butterflies : ) Here is the gift that they shared.

1. Follow The Path Of Light (pic 1)

2. Keep Good Company (pic 2)

Following The Path Of Light brings out many ghosts aka Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real). We have a choice to recognize our ghosts and see through them. Sometimes, we need someone to hold space for us and remind us of what is real.

Keeping Good Company is surrounding ourselves with reminders of Love. We all need community. The most precious gift we can offer one another is to be a pure witness to each other’s journey, to lend a compassionate ear when needed and to love openly and freely.

Just for this moment, let us surround ourselves generously with what uplifts us, let go off anything we need to let go kindly, and keep following the path of light with an open heart.

Journey well, Love. Aloha ~


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