An Offering: Butterfly Wisdom for Change

Aloha There ~

This post is for everyone who is going through transition, transformation or change of some kind…Yes, this post “is” for everyone!

Whether you are affected by a physical change, a spiritual change, an emotional change, I hope that this photo of the emerging butterflies above a seemingly black and white picture offers you hope, a different view and inspiration to have the patience, courage and faith through the experience. Let us remember in the moments where it is easiest to forget (and forget most) that we have what we need to transform all into Love.  The Butterfly, a timeless symbol of transformation, brings about new light and color into our lives where all appear to be starkly black and white.

What inspired this post? A brother from New York wrote a heartfelt story about what he has been experiencing and witnessing in his neighborhood after the recent storm.  The writing took me on a journey. It was a journey beyond New York,  a time travel of various changes that the world and its inhabitants have been experiencing and witnessing through the ages. As human beings, we recognize that we all have our storms, physical or non-physical. May we be kind to ourselves through the experience. May we empathize with each other wherever we may be in the world and do our part to uplift each other offering our gifts in whatever form they may come.

May we always remember our infinite capacity to transform it all into Love.

Many Many Many Blessings ~


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