Been There, Done That…And Doing It!


Hello Love ~

This is for you!
Why? Because you found this page for a reason, and so I gift it to you.

I did it, Love! I did things that some of us only dream of…I did things that some of us won’t dare to do. I did things that all of us crave infinitely…
I went there, Love…I have been there and done that..and am doing it now!

And, yes, I invite you to join me! Are you ready?…

So what is this thing that I did?… 
It is practicing being present, spontaneously creating and flowing in the beauty of life.
What a journey it has been and what a journey it is!

In the last few months:

  • I traveled to Turkey to see my mom and met up with old friends who had witnessed my earlier years and my cousin who is an amazing artist and sound healer.
  • I went to South Africa, filmed and screened a documentary movie with an NGO (non government organization) that promoted peer to peer learning for teenagers focusing on HIV prevention and life skills using surfing as a medium.
  • I danced on tree trunks with a dear friend in the middle of farm land while watching an incredibly fun band play live music. Zebras and Bonteboks (Antelope looking lovely creatures) greeted us into the amphitheater beneath the towering eucalyptus trees.
  • I climbed to the top of the Empire State building at 1am in the morning while waiting for a connecting flight in New York (ok, I did use the elevator as King Kong was sound asleep ;D)
  • I attended several conferences and gatherings where top executives of Fortune 500 companies, leading neuroscientists, meditation teachers, people of the heart and mind all shared insights about being human and living with awareness, compassion and wisdom in this age. Much learning was offered through the organic collective sharing of all who have attended the gatherings.
  • I did cartwheels inside Google headquarters in Silicon Valley and shared blessings at Oracle. I painted intuitively at an art class in the hills of San Francisco, went on meditation walks, held space for loved ones who needed it and kept exploring the depths of my being through witnessing and being witnessed…

I shared so many incredible moments with so many incredible people in the past few months that would call for a much longer post. I feel utterly blessed and blissed. I continue to be amazed in witnessing how infinitely deep our “being” is, and it is always amusing and ever humbling to be human ~

In the lightness of this knowing, I am now getting ready to share the joy of living with you all through a creative series in the form of photography, play-shops and inspirations! I trust that creations will come out in many forms, and most likely in forms beyond my current imagination. Stay tuned for the updates on the websites.

I thank you all who have seen my latest creations for your kind feedback. I appreciate the comments that some of you also shared in writing on this website. As a matter of fact, it was those comments that made me realize that it was time to start sharing with the world and inspired the writing of this post. I can’t wait to see what Love creates next!

Sevgiyle ~
P.S. “Sevgiyle” means “With Love” in Turkish.


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