Higher Perspectives @ The Mountaintop of HERE & NOW

Dear Love,

Sometimes, we just need a higher perspective…so we climb up a mountain…

It is always…
…at the top.

We never know when we will be called to the mountain.

Elevate Your Vantage Point

Elevate Your Vantage Point

Or who will come to visit us…

Or what we will experience…

Or what we will notice on the way back…

Light & Shadow

Light & Shadow

Or which path will appear before us…

The Path…All into One

The Path…All into One

We simply know
that sometimes
we need to elevate our vantage point
to see the BIG PICTURE.

Here is to our journey to the Mountaintop of HERE & NOW!



You May Be Asleep, But Know This: Light Will Always…

Dear Love,

What wants to happen now will find you, animate you and guide you even while you are asleep.

All that needs to be done is what wants to be done. Nothing more, nothing less.

I was asleep then something woke me up. I immediately noticed the Light outside of my window.

A clear inspiration followed as an invitation to go outside and witness the immense Beauty that was unfolding.

I felt strongly that I was to experience this Beauty and share the experience with all and time was now.

It was simple. It was choice-less. It was what wanted to be done.

The glory was not in the details of what wanted to be done, but in its precision and profound simplicity.

It found me even when I was asleep.

I posted a single photo of this Beauty via FB and noticed that so many people from all over the world was touched by it.

I am inspired to share the video version along with the message the comes to Heart:

“You may be asleep, but know this…

Light will always gently wake you up and guide you to what wants to be done.

Just keep noticing, show up fully for Life and follow the Sparkle.

Inspired action comes from the Heart.

What comes from the Heart touches the Heart of All. It is simple.



Living Life In Full Spectrum™


Dear Love,

The rainbow follows the rain.

The rain gives Life.

Life lives

Here is to living life in full spectrum!

Enjoy this online art installation of  many shades of the rainbow captured via my phone.

May we meet Life openly at every point of the spectrum, now.



Sound Meets Light: Seda Bağcan Photoshoot and Interview

Aloha Love,

Seda Bağcan in Sedona, Arizona USA                                    Photographer: © Cansu Bulgu

Seda Bağcan in Sedona, Arizona USA           Photographer: © Cansu Bulgu


I had the honor of photographing the amazing Seda Bağcan, my beautiful soul sister who is a truly inspired being, an internationally recognized mantra singer and a gifted composer in Sedona, Arizona while she was visiting the United States from Istanbul, Turkey. Seda’s work is soul-full beyond description and so treat yourself to a journey through her gentle powerful voice and allow yourself to “be sung”. ~*~

One of my images from our photo shoot (see above) got published in a magazine, Activist Istanbul (Jul-Aug issue), as the cover photo for the article. Here is the current link to the full interview which discusses the power of sound, music and singing on our well-being and its influence on the expansion of our awareness (pg 126-130).  The article is in Turkish so here is the link to google translator 😉




In This Moment…Somewhere In The World: Love Lived ∞

In this moment…somewhere in the world…Love Lived ∞

In This Moment…Somewhere In The World…Love Lived ∞


In this moment…Somewhere in the World…

Someone saw their first born child for the first time.

An artist mixed just the right amount of yellow with blue for the perfect shade of green.

A grandmother hugged her grandchildren who had just arrived after school.

A flower in the Himalayas bloomed for the very first time. Another flower died.

A business owner felt despair and did not know what to do next so called a friend.

A friend picked up a call.

An angry man smashed the window in his living room. Now he is tending to his bleeding hand and crying his pain over shards of broken glass on the floor.

A doorbell rang somewhere.

A star just became supernova.

A speckle of dust gently landed on the wet nose of a tiny newborn puppy.

A newborn puppy met dust for the first time.

A man ran his first marathon.

A country elected their first president for the first time.

A new world began somewhere. An old world died.

An old world died. A new world began…

A spider showed up in the trunk of a car.

A terminally ill patient just found out that he was cured.

A child died.

A blessing was shared at a dinner table.

A homeless person died of cold and hunger.

A young attorney just won their first case and is now celebrating with her friends.

A father cried for the first time in his life…and felt that he could breathe again…

A runway model just broke a heel during a fashion show. Another runway model just received high praises.

Love observed.

Love endured.

Love nurtured.

Love healed.

Love…lived…in this moment ∞

A wall came down…a new one built…

Eyes met eyes in Love…for the first time…somewhere in the world….


Aloha ~*~


Eat The Strawberry!

Aloha Love,

I came across this short story from Pema Chödrön’s book titled “Comfortable with Uncertainty” which houses 108 teachings on cultivating fearlessness and compassion. Here is the story and its gift visually enacted for you by me.

Eat the strawberry!



About Tigers and Strawberries Curtesy of Pema Chödrön from her book titled "Comfortable with Uncertainty"

About Tigers and Strawberries
Curtesy of Pema Chödrön from her book titled “Comfortable with Uncertainty”



Fengshui Your Perspective With A Perfect Mirror

Aloha Love,

Have you ever thought about fengshui‘ing your perspective through awareness? Here is an inspired poem and some #nofilter snaps to tell the story of how. The poem was inspired by a tiny mirror I had noticed on a wall at a cafe while I was reflecting and writing. It was amazing to see how the  tiniest mirror was enough to open up the space. I imagined what it would be like not to have the mirror on that wall and it felt incredibly tight. I created these visuals to accompany the poem so you may journey with me through this experience.

There is always a perfect mirror facing us wherever we are. Here is to Seeing and Being Seen! Enjoy!



The Perfect Mirror
A tight place
A blocked wall
A dark space

All it takes
Is a simple
Clean mirror
Gently placed
In the right space.

a poem by Cansu Bulgu

Facing a Blocked Wall

Facing a Blocked Wall

Awareness in Action

Awareness in Action

Perfect Mirror Placed Gently In the Right  Space

Perfect Mirror Placed Gently In the Right Space

Aaaah…I See You! :)

Aaaah…I See You! 🙂

Treasures Of Life Find Us…When We Are Not Looking For Them ~

Aloha Love,

Have you noticed that the most beautiful treasures find us when we are not looking for them?

Here are some of my morning treasures that I am inspired to share…

Someone hands me a sea-shell as I walk past them and shares a blessing from the Heart. Love touches my Heart. I now notice the smiling face of a lady on the side of the shell as I am attempting to photograph it for this post.

Smiling Lady of the Sea

Smiling Lady of the Sea

Singing with the Ocean is an involuntary experience for me. The Song of the Moment comes out and joins the Song of the Ocean during my walks or as I sit by the Ocean…Then these shells that are larger than the palm of my hand show up while I am not looking for them on the beach and simply enjoying the rapture of being sung.

Gifts from the Ocean

Gifts from the Ocean



Gifts from the Ocean

Gifts from the Ocean

My neighbors, a young couple, rush over to the corner of the street and present a homeless lady with a snack pack  that has been clearly prepared just for her with Love. One says to the other “God bless you”…The other responds “Thank you. God bless you, too.” Their eyes and then their whole bodies light up in the process of giving and receiving… Seeing and Being Seen…

The wind carries over a whisper from an ongoing conversation of a couple of cyclists whizzing by my street. One says to the other “What I enjoy most is watching my kids…and seeing others enjoy them, too!” The sweetness of a father’s joy fills the air and lends a soft kiss on my cheek as I open the door and enter home.

May the day bring you the most beautiful treasures today and everyday!

Aloha ~



About Creation and Destruction…

“Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.” Pablo Picasso

Aloha Love,

This post is inspired by a response to an earlier Heart to Heart sharing:

“Hope, Faith, Trust” ~ This Moment

Sometimes, the conscious mind grieves when it is losing the familiar. The conscious mind fears the unknown. The conscious mind resents the change. The conscious mind resists it. The conscious mind has its own preferences as to how change should come about. The conscious mind externalizes the pain by blaming others. The conscious mind tries to ignore it. The conscious mind tries to stop it. The conscious mind tries to forget it. Change wrecks a havoc in the ways of the conscious mind as it begins to realize its helplessness before the forces of nature taking their course.

My Tai Chi teacher and dear friend used to say “Resistance is futile!” and laugh…His laugh rested in the eternal peace of surrender accompanied by a twinkle in his eyes.

Evolution is a choiceless doing…

Change is the imprint of Life living. Even in death, the body continues to go through change as it gently dissolves into the No-thing-ness from where it came into Being.

Just notice…

As these words are landing on the white page on my laptop, I am sitting down at a cafe in Melrose, Los Angeles which is facing this sign.

Message received! Thank you!



About Creation and Destruction

“I Am Here” & About Miracles and Sparkles

Aloha Love,

Everyday, I start the day by saying

“Good Morning!”

“I am here!”

“I am grateful!”

“I wonder what miracles will happen today!”

…I repeat each sentence until words drop into sound and I feel just the resonance. It is almost like the sound comes out of a vacuum…this vast space…and begins to extend infinitely in all directions.

This practice helps me notice the miracles which come in all forms and ways throughout the day.

4th of July miracle was a kind invitation to a lovely gathering at a friend’s house by the ocean where I had front row seats to heart to heart sharing with people who are living their passion from gourmet cooking to world class entertainment, from flying to supporting family and friends…loving, sharing, caring and experiencing life! The wealth and depth of each person was humbling to witness…What an honor to share with such an inspired bunch!

Some quotes from the evening:

Creativity is vulnerability. When you put yourself out there, you are open to receiving it all…the good and the bad. Just notice…”

“Emptiness. It all comes from emptiness.”

“It is scary, but you do it any way. It is not so much about courage…It is about trust. Face the fear and do it any way!

“Everyday is different. That is what I love about it. It is always different.”

and my favorite quote of the evening:

“When you love what you do, it is no longer work. Well, it might be work, but you dig it!”

…oh and we also had front row seats to the fireworks! Enjoy the view and Sparkles!



Do What You Love!

Do What You Love!