Dear Mom, Thank you. I love you ~

My Mom and I

My Mom and I

~*~ Dear Mom,

Thank you. I am eternally grateful for your Love and Wisdom. Thank you for paving the path so I may walk. Thank you for helping me become who I am now. Thank you for your friendship, for your care, for everything…Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you ~


Glowing Birds of Grace Over The Bosphorus


Glowing birds of Grace,

Flying over the Bosphorus.

How do they glow?

No one knows.

Need I say more?


Aloha ~


A Moment of Reflection

A moment of reflection by the side of a hospital bed as the sun rays give Life to all that they touch

A moment of reflection by the side of a hospital bed as the sun rays give Life to all that they touch


Dear Love,

Flow of Life is filled with events that are seemingly unrelated  and are effortlessly weaving a path that is simply “alive”… A question enters the awareness:

If perception is choiceless,

is Oneness a choice?

Some images to contemplate on this eternally graceful journey.

Aloha ~


P.S. Can you see both images as One?… Does it matter?…

Some doors...

Some doors… #withfilter

Returning Home  #nofilter

Returning Home #nofilter (Shot via phone during sunset from the hospital room)

The Purpose of Life

In case anyone might have wondered once or twice…

The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life


Soon after I shared this image and the statement on Facebook, I had this inspiration…
“Everyone gets the same memo. Sometimes we may read just the first half assuming we know what the other half says.”

Then as I am writing this post, this is what rolls out through my fingers to the digital page that is looking at me:
“Leave the second half empty…Let the Universe fill it.”

All in Oneness ~


Aloha to the Last Sunset of 2013 & Aloha to 2014!

Aloha Love!

What a journey!!

Mama Nature gifted an amazing sunset on this last day of 2013. I am honored to share the mini videos and images I captured via my phone to celebrate the new year with you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Here is my intention for 2014: Stay awake! :)

What is yours?…

May Love, Peace, Light surround you, always!



Gratitude for the Mysterious Dance of Life

Gratitude for the Mysterious Dance of Light

Gratitude for the Mysterious Dance of Light

I am grateful for Light that animates, guides and radiates through all of existence. I am grateful for this mysterious dance of life. I am grateful for you ~
Aloha ~


Sneak Peek at Soul Support Set Design

Aloha There! One of my creative collaborations with a dance company in Arizona will be shared with an audience at Tempe Center for the Arts on October 12, 2013 as a part of the Arizona Dance Festival. Through a powerful combination of meditation and photography, I created images of water to be used as backdrop for Soul Support, a modern dance performance by The Movement Source Dance Company. The video will offer a sneak peek at the performance along with the images. Each image is in tune with each dance phrase complementing the dancers and their creative expression in a unique way. Who else wants to co-create? Let’s play!! Love ~ Cansu

Blue Moon Teachings: Sound and Movement

© Cansu Bulgu

© Cansu Bulgu

When we stop liking what we hear, it is simply sound signaling a time for change.
Change is inevitable.

When we begin liking what we hear, it is simply sound signaling we are in the creative flow and all is possible.

Both are dynamic states of “Being”… Neither one is better or worse than the other. They are just as they are – expressions of “Being-ness”.

Whether it is qualified by the observer as mental chatter or an inspired phone conversation, Sound entering into our awareness is simply a Messenger of Light: providing input and calling for a response so that the movement may continue ~

What sound are you hearing in this moment?


The only constant in the photo are the light sources that assume the shape of starbursts while all the rest of the city gently melts in timeless movement. Musing over what is being communicated with this gift…What is being communicated to you? :)

Aloha ~

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BeLieved To Be Lived

© Cansu Bulgu

© Cansu Bulgu

If something is BeLieved, it is to BE Lived… There is an energetic bond that is created with such a sentiment that transcends time and space.

What will be lived will be lived ~


*Musings by the water under the full moon in a far away land that is the center of one’s Universe*

P.S. I took this photo in a different far away land…yet somehow it felt like it wanted to be published with this post :)

Sparkles’ Global Take Off…

Aloha Love,

It all started with the first picture,  “Cansu Airborne” shot that was taken at 11pm the other night at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Sparkling Through 1

I then heard my name announced via the speakers. I approached the counter with wonder…

Edward, one of the members of the lovely airline crew said “”Ma’am, we have received complaints about someone jumping in the air with a magic wand in their hand…” (Yep! You guessed it!). Next thing I know, I am being asked to have a photo taken in front of the “You above all” sign…

Sparkling Through 2

Sparkling Through 3

…Followed by an invitation to the cockpit where I get to sit and pretend pilot with the wand…
Sparkling Through 4

…And a lovely photo with our fun loving pilot Kelly and co-pilot (whose name is escaping me now…so please tell me when you see the post :)

Sparkling Through 5

Smiling and laughing into the midnight ~

I guess we all appreciate a little magic and sparkles in our lives ;)

Sparkling Through 6




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